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Aluminum Vehicle Repair

Needing a Repair
Auto collisions can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. It can be frustrating when your vehicle becomes damaged, especially when it wasn’t your fault. The truth is, no two cars are built the same, which means that they cannot be repaired the same. Certain vehicles need to have parts that are made for that car. Some auto repair shops will put the cheapest materials on your car in order to save money. But that is not necessarily a good practice. When it comes to your car, you want to make sure that the parts being put on your vehicle are actually compatible with your vehicle.

Steel Vehicles
There are many different types of vehicles out there. Some are made of steel, and some are made of aluminum. It is fairly common to see a vehicle made of steel. However, steel vehicles tend to be heavier than their aluminum counterpart.

Aluminum Vehicles
In a way to make vehicles weight less and therefore give them better gas mileage, different car manufacturers are using aluminum for the body panels. By using aluminum, car manufacturers are able to shave hundreds of pounds off of the vehicle. This is a lot more effective in improving the vehicle’s fuel economy.

If you have a vehicle that is made from aluminum, then repairs for that car need to be done very carefully. When doing repairs on an aluminum vehicle it is important that it is kept separate from steel vehicles in order to avoid cross contamination. Here at A&K Body & Paint we have a separate room where we do work on aluminum vehicles. We have certified knowledge and equipment to repair your aluminum vehicle back to factory specifications.

Call Us for Repairs
When it comes to repairing your vehicle, whether steel or aluminum, it is important that you use an auto shop that you can rely on. The professionals that work with us have 35 years of experience, and can give your car the repairs that it needs to get back to working.

We are an auto body shop in Las Vegas, and can provide you the help that you need with your vehicle. Call us today at 702-836-9991 to get your vehicle repaired today.

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