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Auto Body Repair Tools Everyone Should Own

Auto body repair is a skill and trade that it takes years to master. Therefore most repairs require the attention of a trained specialist. But the auto body surgeons here at A&K Body and Paint in Las Vegas know for a fact, is that it never hurts for a car owner to possess some basic auto body repair tools that you can use to preserve that up keep of your car and save some money.


Basic Tools for Dents, and Dings

Dents and Dings can be a bummer. But in a busy city like Las Vegas, or anywhere, dints and dings are the bump and bruises that commonly happen, but there is a basic kit that can be purchased for as little as 10.00 and up. A popular tool many have seen on TV is Pops-a-Dent which runs around 16.99, but if you google auto body tools for dents you can find numerous options from basic dent removal kits, to the more advanced. These are useful for the basic repairs and do come in handy.


Basic Tools for Scratches Body and Glass

Scratches, whether on the windshield or from wiper blades, or scratches on the body and paint, these unsightly blemishes are another common auto body accident, and some can be repaired by affordable simple tool kits.  For the body there are car scratch repair pens, these are a simple to use tool that are very effective on simple cosmetic scratches. Then for your windshield if it is not a major scratch and just a a minor chip, or crack from a rock ding, there are also do it yourself repair kits which can usually be purchased for under a $100. And this cost is usually way cheaper than your insurance deductible, of the price tags of a brand new windshield.


Let it shine

Another important tool every car owner should have on hand, is are the proper cleaning clothes, sponges and exterior cleaning supplies. Imagine you have just left A&K Body and Paint after having received one of our award winning paint jobs. We’ve done our part and you are riding around Las Vegas shining on the inside and your car is shining on the outside. Don’t you want this shine to last? Having your car detailed is always a treat for your car, but there is some daily detailing that can happen just with the right cloth, sponge, and simple spray or cleaner to keep the buff that your vehicle had when it left the body shop.

A&K Body & Paint is a family owned business with 35 years of experience in auto body, paint & collision repair. We are the best at what we do and proud to service Las Vegas. Our work speaks for itself and our commitment is to the cars and to our clients.

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