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Foreign vs. Domestic


When it comes to vehicles, there are two different kinds…foreign and domestic. Many people when you talk about vehicles, they are either for one or the other. There is very little in between. Whether you prefer foreign made or American made, it is important that you know about your vehicle.


Vehicle Quality and Efficiency

The quality of the vehicle is different between the foreign and domestic cars. In the past it used to be that foreign cars were known for their quality, while domestic cars were made to be more affordable. Now, the gaps between quality have greatly closed. Domestic cars are being made with higher quality and longevity.


Vehicle Style

In the past, foreign vehicles were widely recognized for their high-quality aesthetics. However, now it really depends on personal preference. American cars, however, still maintain the favored muscle car.


Vehicle Prices

In the past foreign cars were known for being exotic, and therefore more expensive. Now, the gap is closing, and cars are becoming around the same price, whether foreign or domestic.



Not all vehicles are made the same, so they should not be repaired the same. Some foreign vehicles will only work with parts of the same brand. For example, German made cars can only use German parts. When it comes to repairing a damaged vehicle, it is important that the people working on the cars understand where the car came from.


Getting Help

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