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Frame Rack

New 2018 Celette Sevenne xl with griffon drive on capability. upgraded MZ Plus, MZ Towers and trolley Pistons,
this system in combination with all new Celette fixtures to be used on all 2008 vehicles that have changed or will change.
Dedicated fixtures. For example according to the 2015 sema show celette youtube video,
the Cadillac CT6 fixtures were derived from the manufacturers cad designs, and available only through celette.
Naja 2018 3D measuring system with Gazelle Mobile support. revised 8/8/17.
The NAJA 3D measuring system not only allows one to asses 40-45 points. VIN Database, to coorelate measurements.
Along with the gazelle’s ability to measure wherever the vehicle is in the repair process, thus showing the evolution of the repair.

This Newest Version of the Celette Sevine xl with griffon drive on capability, is optimized for all logos for years to come.