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Auto Body Repair Tools Everyone Should Own - Auto body repair is a skill and trade that it takes years to master. Therefore most repairs require the attention of a trained specialist. But the auto body surgeons here at A&K Body and Paint in Las Vegas know for a fact, is that it never hurts for a car owner to possess some basic […]
Getting the Most Out of Selling Your Car - There are many reasons why you may want to sell your car. Sometimes you are glad to, all set and willing to rid of it because it was never such a fitting mode of transportation for you. Other times it’s a car you have adored over the years and had many great miles driving in, […]
Things to do Before Your Road Trip - The road trip is a time-honored American tradition. Every summer, countless people hit the highways in search of adventure or simply sightseeing. Over the holidays, still more pack up and head off to visit loved ones. While many people like road trips for the spontaneity, it’s important to do a bit of planning before you […]
Taking Care of Your Paint Job - Even a small chip in your car’s paint can detract from its appearance, but with some basic, simple care you can preserve your vehicle’s finish so that it always looks brand new. Here at A&K Body & Paint, we offer quality paint shop service to Las Vegas car owners who only want the best for […]
Foreign vs. Domestic - Vehicles When it comes to vehicles, there are two different kinds…foreign and domestic. Many people when you talk about vehicles, they are either for one or the other. There is very little in between. Whether you prefer foreign made or American made, it is important that you know about your vehicle.   Vehicle Quality and […]
Aluminum Vehicle Repair - Needing a Repair Auto collisions can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. It can be frustrating when your vehicle becomes damaged, especially when it wasn’t your fault. The truth is, no two cars are built the same, which means that they cannot be repaired the same. Certain vehicles need to have parts that […]
Vehicle Repairs - The Body Shop The purpose of a body shop is to repair vehicles after they have been damaged. There are many ways a vehicle can be damaged one being the result of a car accident. When you take your vehicle to a body shop, a skilled technician will assess the damage, and advise you of […]